Ensuring Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession

Geoscientists Canada is the national organization of the 9 provincial and territorial regulatory bodies that govern Canada’s professional geoscientists and geoscientists-in-training. Geoscientists Canada co-ordinates development of high national standards of admissions, competency, practice and mobility to ensure that Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession. Learn more here.

What’s New

Geoscientists Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Regulated Practice of Geoscience in Canada

Geoscientists Canada announces the launch of the Geoscience in Canada website – the premiere resource for all those seeking information on practising geoscience in Canada.

Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in CanadaRevised Edition

“Geoscience and Canada-Understanding our Earth: The Vital Role of Canada’s geoscientists” A joint publication of Geoscientists Canada and Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences.



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Geoscience in Canada

For more information on becoming a licensed professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) in Canada, visit Geoscientists Canada’s website Geoscience in Canada which provides:

  • A knowledge and experience requirements for professional registration Self-Assessment Tool
  • A Licensing Cost estimator
  • Information on Getting Your Licence, Geoscience in Canada, Coming to Canada, as well as
  • Information on, and links to, the Canadian regulators of geoscientists.




“Being a professional has been a large part of my career. It has given me rights – and with that, responsibilities. It has allowed me to work on many interesting projects in Canada and abroad. It has required me to do the best job I possibly can to protect the public and the environment.”

- Jeff O’Keefe, P.Geo.