Geoscientists Canada


Ensuring Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession

Geoscientists Canada is the national organization of the 10 provincial and territorial regulatory bodies that govern Canada’s professional geoscientists and geoscientists- in-training. Geoscientists Canada co-ordinates development of high national standards of admissions, competency, practice and mobility to ensure that Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession. Learn more here.



Geoscientists Canada is currently seeking the services of contractor/consultant(s) to assist with the final component of its Admission Support Tools (AST) Project. The Assessment Approaches Study involves research and analysis on the different approaches used in assessing university coursework for P.Geo registration.  It also includes assisting in developing consensus-based solutions concerning academic assessments and work on the consideration of geoscience work experience in lieu of deficiencies in formal education. View RFP here.


“I have come to understand that our professional associations will sustain excellence in our profession be it through ethical rules, continuous education requirements or the coaching of young people so they reach the full title. We must be proud of the road travelled and of our P.Geo. designation.”

Isabelle Cadieux, géo.

I consider the title P. Geo. to be both a proud recognition of our achievements and a humble reminder of our professional responsibilities.”

Raymond Reichelt, P. Geo.

“P.Geo. is a badge I wear proudly.  Our regulatory system in Canada is one of the most respected in the world, so having a P.Geo. designation speaks volumes about what I bring to the table.”

James Moors, P.Geo.